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$0 Liability Claims Will No Longer Generate EOBs

Jan 07, 2011

Members Will No Longer Receive a Paper EOB for $0 Liability Claims 


Members in individual, fully insured and ASO small and large group plans will no longer receive a paper explanation of benefits form (EOB) in the mail if they have zero liability. This process was initiated in June 2010 and was completed in November.

Members can now access their EOBs by logging into the website and selecting Plans & Benefits. If members have any issues accessing their EOB's via the website, they can contact Customer Service using the phone number listed on their ID card. This initiative was implemented to improve member communications, reduce member confusion and streamline our administration of health benefit plans. Anthem is confident that not mailing $0 EOBs will:

  1. positively impact and improve our members' communication experience.
  2. eliminate some member confusion as to why they receive what looks like a bill if they don't owe anything.
  3. help us be more environmentally responsible.  

Please note, for Anthem consumer driven health plans, this $0 claim suppression will occur once no funds are available in the subscriber's HRA, HIA or HIA Plus account.

If you have any questions on this topic, please contact Anthem Blue Cross.

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