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1-100: Aetna Reduces HMO Rates for 4th Quarter

Sep 28, 2016

Updated rates for Aetna CA Small Group 

Aetna recently implemented a 0.7% reduction to the 4th quarter rates in all 19 rating areas for our CA Small Group customers enrolling in or renewing Aetna HMO networks and plans, including HMO plans offered on CalChoice from October - December 2016. 

Due to the timing of the 0.7% rate reduction for the Aetna HMO plans, October and November renewals will be reprocessed to reflect the reduction to the renewal rates and mailed to customers. The December renewals reflect the updated HMO rates. 

The rate reduction for groups renewing in October and November will be reflected on the December bill. 

Groups renewing in October and November 

Book Rates 

Updated book rates are available on the beere&purves website in addition to below. 

For questions, please contact a member of your b&p Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

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