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1-100: Understanding the New Group Numbers

Feb 19, 2016

Understanding & identifying the number associated with your new Small Group clients in 2016
New groups will now be provided three types of numbers associated with your client’s coverage. They are:

ID Card 
The ID cards will look very similar to the current cards; however, there are some changes. The group number ( a.k.a. group suffix) listed on the card is a reference to the Medical plan the member is enrolled in. If a group has both Medical and Specialty products only the Medical group number will be displayed. The group number does not identify any company information represented by the case number as described above.

To streamline Anthem's members’ customer service experience, they include the Small Group dedicated phone numbers on the ID card.

Remember, to use the case number listed on the approval letter when calling Anthem or when utilizing any of their portals/tools including Producer Tool Box or Employer Access.

For questions, please contact a member of your b&p Sales Team - 888.722.3373.
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