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1-50: 2nd Qtr Rate Reduction for MC & PPO

May 06, 2015

2nd Quarter Rate reductions

Updated rates for Aetna Small Group (1 - 50)

Aetna has adjusted rates for our Small Group customers enrolling or renewing in an Aetna Managed Choice® or Open Choice® PPO plan from April - June 2015.

Due to the rate adjustment, the premium amounts reflected in your April, May and June renewals and proposals generated by Aetna prior to May 27th will be reduced by 1.6% for the Managed Choice and Open Choice PPO plans in all California Rating areas. There are no changes to the HMO rates.

Further items to keep in mind

Groups renewing in April, May and June:
  • Since renewals have been mailed, in order to ensure the 60 day notification, groups renewing in this time frame impacted by the rate change will receive a letter communicating the rate reduction. 
  • Updated rates will be reflected no later than the July bill with a credit issued for any premiums paid for April, May and/or June premiums. 
  • If a group or member would like to change plans as a result of the lower rates, please contact Aetna within 10 business days.
  • An updated renewal package is available upon request. Please contact a member of your b&p Sales Team.

New groups for April - June that were approved prior to April 27th:

  • For groups approved prior to April 27th, an updated final rate sheet will be emailed to the general agent or broker (Aetna cases sold direct). 
  • The broker and general agent are responsible for notifying the groups of the updated rates.

New groups for May - June that were approved on April 27th or later:

  • New groups that were approved after April 27th, 2015 will receive the updated rates at the time the group is approved.

For questions about the Aetna second quarter rate reduction, please ​contact a member of your b&p Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

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