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1-50: Aetna Portfolio Updates Effective January 2015

Dec 12, 2014

Groups with 1 – 50

Based on feedback from Aetna's brokers and customers, Aetna has updated their 2015 portfolio for groups of 1 – 50 employees. Click here for a copy of their 2015 plan guide.

The portfolio includes:

Features of Aetna's HMO plans include:

Aetna has two new PPO plans. Both of these plans are designed to meet the pricing and benefits needs of your customers. Teladoc is only available for PPO plans.

Aetna has updated their pharmacy plans. Tier 3 drugs are available for copay after a low RX deductible on most plans. A 90-day supply of drugs is available for two times the retail copay when using our mail order service.

And with Pick a Plan, you can offer any plan and any network, side-by-side, with no restrictions.

Aetna has new life insurance plans available to groups with 10 – 50 employees. They've added more flat dollar amounts from $10,000 to $200,000 and also have salary-based life available. They can offer composite rates for life insurance if the plan is 100% paid by the employer.

Aetna is now offering long-term disability to groups of 10 – 50 lives. See the life/disability section of the Plan Guide for a full list of options. To get quotes for their new life and disability plans, contact your Sales Rep.

Changes/updates that apply to all plans in Aetna's 1 – 50 and 51 – 100 portfolio

Formulary changes: To keep up with changes in the pharmacy arena, groups will be changing to the 2015 Aetna Value Plus Four Tier Open Formulary upon renewal.

Vision: Adult vision exams for glasses or contacts are no longer covered under the medical plans. These benefits are now available through Aetna vision plans, which can be offered on a standalone basis or alongside their medical and/or dental plans. The rates are competitive and are guaranteed for 4 years. Information about the vision plans can be found in the 2015 plan guide.

For questions about any of the above information, please ​contact a member of your b&p Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

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