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1-50: Health Net Grandmothering Details

Jul 15, 2014

Health Net is pleased to announce that small business groups with upcoming renewals will be able to keep their existing plans! Due to transitional relief guidance, Health Net will be offering small business groups on the current 2013 plans the option of extending their existing coverage for another year. Small groups renewing September through December 2014 can take advantage of this great opportunity. Your clients renewing September 2014 will need to make the selection to keep their existing plan before their effective date. Groups renewing October through December 2014 who want to stay with their existing plans don’t have to do anything – Health Net will keep them enrolled in their current plans unless they notify Health Net otherwise.

Your clients may also choose to enroll in a plan from Health Net’s current Affordable Care Act (ACA)-compliant Small Business Group (SBG) portfolio. These plans have been designed to ensure groups have the most valuable array of quality benefits, offering the Essential Health Benefits required with current ACA-compliant plans.

Group communications

Health Net will be sending groups an information packet, notifying them of this important renewal option. The packet will include:

  1. A letter announcing the transitional plan offer:
  2. CMS transitional policy notices – Two versions :
    1. One for groups who HAVE been sent plan closure notice (September and October)
    2. One for groups who HAVE NOT been sent plan closure notice (November and December)
  3. CA SBG desktopper – Two versions:
    1. September 1 through November 1 renewals.
    2. December 1 renewals.
  4. Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) rate guide – Three versions:
    1. July 1 effective date (for Sept. groups)
    2. October 1 effective date (for Oct. and Nov. groups)
    3. December 1 effective date (for Dec. groups).

The notice versions are below for your reference. To access the current desktopper and rate guides, please visit click here. The October rate guide will be available around mid-July; the December rate guide and desktopper will be available in August.

Transitional plan notices:

CMS notices:

Health Net appreciates your business and looks forward to helping keep your employees – and your business – in good health.

For questions, please ​contact a member of your b&p Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

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