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1-50: Health Net Special Enrollment Periods

Jul 29, 2014

For All Western Regions: Effective July 28, 2014

Health Net is announcing updates to special enrollment periods that affect your Individual & Family Plans (IFP) and Small Business Group (SBG) clients. Please share this information with your clients.

New qualifying events for IFP

Federal regulations now allow two additional qualifying events for a person enrolling in an IFP plan during a special enrollment period.

They are as follows:

These two qualifying events are not applicable if the person lost coverage due to voluntary termination or termination due to failure to pay his or her premium.

The effective dates for these qualifying events are outlined in the below chart.

Enrollment and loss of minimum essential coverage for IFP and SBG

IFP and SBG enrollees can now enroll up to 60 days prior to the loss of their minimum essential health coverage. These enrollees still have as late as 60 days after loss of coverage to enroll. This has not changed.

Effective Dates

Situation Effective date
Enrollees who apply before their loss of coverage First of the month following their loss of coverage
Enrollees who apply before their loss of coverage, in the case of a mid-month loss of coverage First of the month that they will lose coverage
Enrollees who apply after their loss of coverage First of the month following the submission of their application

California Brokers

If you have clients eligible for special enrollment due to a qualifying event, including the two new events listed above, they can apply for a Health Net of California, Inc. or Health Net Life Insurance Company (Health Net) plan through Covered California.

If your clients are applying for a Health Net off-exchange plan, please instruct them to submit the appropriate Medicaid documentation, along with one of Health Net's current enrollment forms.

For questions, please ​contact a member of your b&p Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

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