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10-100: Aetna Adds 2 Dental Plans Starting June 1, 2013

May 02, 2013

Aetna is happy to announce the addition of two new dental plans for June 1, 2013 where preventive services are excluded from the calendar year maximum.  These plans are available to employers with 10-100 employees:  


Plan Name

Option 10B

PPO Max 1500 Plus

Option 11B

PPO 1500 Plus

Office Visit Copay



Annual Deductible per Member

$50, 3X Family maximum

$50, 3X Family maximum

Family Maximum



Preventive Services

(e.g. Exams, Cleanings)



Basic Services

(e.g. Fillings, Extractions)



Major Services

(e.g. Crowns, Inlays)



Please link to their full listing of CA dental plan options for more detail. 

Take advantage of all that Aetna has to offer! This starts with the value of Aetna dental and Dental Medical Integration.

Aetna Dental plans offer your clients:

·         One of the largest dental carriers worldwide

·         Exceptional customer service

·         Broad network access –

o   DMO –

§  Aetna’s DMO is the largest managed dental network in the nation

§  Consists of over 72,000 available dental practice locations

o   PPO –

§  Over 194,000 available dental practice locations in the US, Puerto Rico and Mexico

§  National Average discount of 35%

·         A product portfolio designed to offer a range of coverage levels offering choice and quality care

The Mouth-Body Connection

The link between dental and physical health is very real. Research1 shows that preventive and periodontal care may help people with chronic illnesses like diabetes to stay healthier and require fewer costly health services. The Aetna Dental/Medical IntegrationSM (DMI) provides educational outreach and enhanced benefits to those members who may need it most. Aetna’s DMI program has identified over one million people since inception of the program, and paid over 23 million dollars on enhanced benefits. 

For any questions on Aetna's new Dental plans, contact your b&p Sales Team - 888.722.3373. 

1Joint study with Columbia University College of Dental Medicine and Albert DAA, Sadowsky D, Papapanou P, Conicella ML, Ward A. An examination of periodontal treatment and per member per month (PMPM) medical costs in an insured population. BMC Health Services Research 2006; 6:103. Continued analysis of retrospective study proves sustained results, Aetna Health Analytics, August 2008.

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