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2-50: Aetna Improves RAF Promotion Effective March 1, 2011

Mar 04, 2011

Aetna Small Group

New RAF Promotion Effective March

Aetna has announced an improved RAF promotion for March-July 15, 2011 effective dates
Aetna's RAF promotion has been improved for March 1 through July 15, 2011 effective dates.
  • .90 RAF: 10-50 CA medically enrolling employees
  • Click here
     for Aetna's current RAF promotion
  • Groups must submit a copy of their 'original' current AND prior renewal or their issued RAF at new business.
  • Aetna will only accept the original renewal received by a group to determine eligibility; revised renewals will not be accepted.
  • Groups applying for the guaranteed RAF must be AB1672 eligible and have a current RAF of 1.06 or less with their current carrier.
  • Groups must apply for the RAF promotion prior to final underwriting approval.
  • AB1672 eligible groups moving from a large group contract are eligible if the group provides a large group renewal of less than 20% increase within 90 days of their requested effective date.
  • Groups that received a 10-point RAF increase are ineligible.
  • Groups with 30% or more COBRA/Cal-COBRA enrollees are ineligible.
  • COBRA/Cal-COBRA enrollees do not count toward enrolled employee counts.
  • Groups moving from CaliforniaChoice, Contractor's Choice, HSA California, Kaiser Permanente Choice Solution and/or groups that have withdrawn from Aetna within 12 months of the requested date are ineligible.
  • Carve out groups (management / non-management, union / non-union) and PEO groups are ineligible.
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