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2-50: Aetna Updates to Underwriting; Eases Requirements

Apr 13, 2011

Changes to Underwriting Guidelines for 5/1 effective dates that make it easier to do business with Aetna.

Quarterly wage and tax statement submission (DE9C) requirement waived if the employee is on the prior carrier bill.  For some groups (e.g. large groups moving to small) Quarterly wage and tax statements will still be required to prove guarantee issue AB1672.
  • Participation:
Calculation for determining participation will now be rounded down and not up. Example : 75% participation for a 5 life group is 3.75 applications - Aetna's new calculation will round down so they will require 3 applications for participation to be met.
  • Extending the signature date on the Employer and Employee applications to 90 days:
If the signature date on the paperwork is more than 90 days old, new signatures and dates will be required.

In addition, be sure to learn more about Aetna's current RAF promotion.

If you have any questions about these updates or need more information, please contact your b&p Group Sales Rep - 888.722.3373.
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