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2-50: Aetna's eBusiness Portal Contest

Mar 29, 2012


Aetna's new contest encourages your clients to register for Aetna's plan sponsor eBusiness portal

Your clients may contact you with questions about registering, or how eBusiness can improve how they do business!

Aetna recently began a new contest to encourage your Small Group (2-50) customers to register for their eBusiness plan sponsor portal.

Aetna is contacting plan sponsors who have not yet registered for the portal via e-mail. Although they're directing employers to call Customer Support at 1-800-237-7476, they may contact you with questions about registering or using the portal — and Aetna wanted you to be aware. The contest started March 15, 2012.

Aetna is doing this contest because they feel it’s essential for your customers to use eBusiness.

Aetna's eBusiness tools simplify and improve the way employers administer employee benefits and pay their bills. Plus, it saves time and paper and helps them maximize the value of their benefits.

View the plan sponsor contest e-mail.

Thank you for working with Aetna Small Group. We hope you’ll urge your clients to register and get the most from the plan sponsor portal.

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