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2-50: Aetna's HSA Open Window

Oct 24, 2011

You may have clients who have been considering making the move to offering a HSA plan to their employees.  Last year, many clients chose to make the move off anniversary date to maximize the benefits of an HSA plan, and Aetna is excited to announce that they will be offering this option again this year.

In December and January, your clients may offer their employees currently enrolled in an Aetna plan the option to enroll in an HSA-compatible plan with January or February effective dates.

Application timetable:

Employer application:
Employers simply need to complete Sections 1, 2, 5 and 12 of a new Small Group Employer Application.

Employee Application:
Each employee enrolling in an HSA plan must complete a new Employee application  . 

Please also encourage your clients to visit Aetna's CDHP resource via, which uses plain language to inform your customers about how HSA and HRA accounts work. Click the CDHP link above to become familiar with this member resource. You can also bookmark the page for future reference.


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