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2-50: Anthem's Specialty Update for April 1, 2013

Feb 13, 2013

April 2013 Benefit & Rate Adjustments


Ancillary benefit and rate changes for April 1, 2013 effective dates are provided below. 



  • Prime & Complete = 1.24% 
  • All Other Dental PPO = Rate Pass
  • All DHMO = Rate Pass
  • No changes to benefits BUT there will be three (3) new Dental Net plans rolling out to replace the current Dental Net plan. New business quoting is available for these plans. In addition to covering over 300 Dental procedures, features of these plans include:
    • Composite (tooth colored) fillings on any tooth
    • Orthodontic services for both children and adults
    • Night guards
    • General anesthesia
    • Additional cleaning or periodontal maintenance procedure for pregnant and diabetic members
    • Brush biopsy benefit for oral cancer screening 
    • NEW: Dental Brochure
  • Rate pass and no changes to benefits.
  • 2-9 age-banded life rates were adjusted. 
  • No changes to benefits.
  • Tiered life rating is changing to:
    • Current age rating on 2-10 life groups is changing to 2-9 life groups.
    • Composite age rating on 11-50 life groups is changing to 10-50 life groups.  
    • Rates will also be based on gender for each age category. 
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