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2-50: Anthem's WinBack Campaign

Jun 16, 2011

New small group WinBack campaign launched in California

Anthem Blue Cross has launched a new WinBack campaign to target groups that canceled their Anthem Blue Cross coverage within the past 24 months and encourage them to request new quotes on Anthem Blue Cross plans.

The WinBack campaign will target groups of 10 to 50 employees with direct-response postcards and/or e-mails:

90 days before effective date: “service” postcard
At this time, the group has had sufficient time with the competing carrier to compare service with Anthem Blue Cross. If service has been an issue, the group may find a simple offer of a quote appealing.

60 days before effective date: “value” postcard (or e-mail, if e-mail address available)
The group has likely received its renewal rates. If price increases are an issue, the group may find an offer of a quote appealing.

30 days before effective date: “service/value” e-mail (only to records with e-mail address)
Last attempt, most likely effective with the smallest groups that have delayed quoting or received a late renewal from current carrier.

The specific messages and postcards are accessible via the links below:

As in all current direct-response acquisition campaigns, prospects are encouraged to request a quote through their broker.

Please contact any member of your b&p Sales Team for assistance with your Anthem Blue Cross quotes - 888.722.3373.
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