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2-50: Come Back to Blue Extended through April 2010

Jan 21, 2010

Come Back to Blue - extended to April 15th effective dates for new sales!

Through April 15, 2010 effective dates, Anthem Blue Cross will waive the 12 month rule and guarantee issue lapsed groups that would otherwise qualify under AB1672 when they reapply for Anthem Blue Cross Small Group medical coverage.  There are no minimum group size and/or prior renewal RAF requirements.  Please refer to the following RAF Promotion Guidelines for details on how Come Back to Blue groups may qualify for a guaranteed lower RAF.

This offer is not available to groups that have been denied reinstatement and/or groups currently in collections.  The RAF Promotion may not apply to these groups.

RAF Promo Guidelines:

  • This promotion is only applicable to the EmployeeElect portfolio.
  • Groups must be AB1672 eligible and have a current renewal of 1.06 or lower.*
  • Association groups will not qualify for this promotion.
  • Groups with more than 30% COBRA/Cal-COBRA enrollees are ineligible.
  • COBRA/Cal-COBRA enrollees do not count toward enrolled employee counts
  • Groups moving from CaiforniaChoice, Contractor's Choice, HSA California, Kaiser Permanente Choice Solution are ineligible.
  • Groups with less than six enrollees may apply for a RAF of less than 1.10 but will be subject to full underwriting (completed health questionnaires for all enrollees).*, **
  • Carve-out groups (management/non-management, salary/non-salary) are not eligible for RAF promotion.
  • Groups that left Anthem Blue Cross within 12 months of the requested effective date are eligible only if they had a 1.06 RAF or lower prior to leaving Anthem Blue Cross AND did not receive a 10% RAF increase on their last renewal with Anthem Blue Cross

*Not applicable to groups moving from another carrier's large group contract to an Anthem Blue Cross small group contract.
**Groups of two to four enrollees can recieve no lower than a 1.0 RAF; groups of five enrollees can get no lower than a .95 RAF.

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