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2-50: eEnrollment Enhancements Coming Soon

Jun 15, 2011

Aetna is making enhancements to eEnrollment to make online benefits administration even easier and more convenient for you and your Small Group clients.

A staggered rollout of the enhancements will run through July, with one or several states being implemented each week. During the weekend of the enhancements, Small Group users located in the affected state(s) will experience a system outage, typically from Thursday to Monday.

Enhancements Being Made

  • Plan and eligibility support will now be available in eEnrollment for Aetna Health Network OptionSM and Aetna Health Network OnlySM products. 
  • Multiple waiting periods will now be supported. 
  • Additional plan descriptions will now be available to help plan sponsors choose the correct plans (for example, divisions, hourly, salary, etc.). 
  • There will be a new screen enhancement for Small Group plan sponsors to remind them that benefits elections require carrier approval (also known as the "90 day look-back message"). The "90 day look-back message" will apply to all new enrollment transactions (subscribers and dependents) that are submitted to Aetna up to 90 days after a new group’s effective date. The new enrollment will not be added to the Aetna system until Underwriting approves the transaction. 
  • The Aetna internal eligibility correction process will be enhanced to support rating areas.

Remember, using eEnrollment just makes your job easier.
If you’re not yet using eEnrollment, don’t wait any longer to sign up for and start using this. Do it today!

eEnrollment is an easy, comprehensive online tool that can save you time on enrollment administration and eligibility management.

  • Reduced paperwork 
  • Easier administration 
  • Self-service 
  • Simplicity of use

For more information, contact Aetna.

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