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2-50: Grace Period Notices Mailed December 28, 2011

Jan 09, 2012

To ensure compliance with the recently-issued and updated regulatory guidance on AB2470, Anthem Blue Cross Small Group began mailing separate “grace period” notices to their impacted employers on December 28, 2011.  

These notices formally advise groups that their coverage will continue throughout their grace period (which begins after the last day of paid coverage), should monthly payment not be received by the due date printed on their bill.  

The updated regulatory guidance requires that these notices be mailed to impacted groups no later than the first day following the last day of paid coverage. Similar letters will be issued on a monthly basis going forward.

These new letters, which went to nearly all small groups and Cal-Cobra members, have created a high volume of calls in Anthems Eligibility and Billing department, as groups and agents are calling in with questions and to confirm these letters are not cancellation notices.

Since these inquiries are generating a high volume of calls, hold and wait times may increase. 

Click here to view a copy of the letter.

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