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2-50: Guarantee Issue Based on Six Continuous Weeks

Jun 02, 2009

Anthem Blue Cross is excited to announce a change in their Small Group new business Underwriting policies. 

Effective immediately, Anthem Blue Cross will now guarantee issue groups that have actively been in business (and employed 2-50 eligible employees) for a minimum of 6 continuous weeks. Groups must meet all AB1672 requirements, with the exception of being in business for 50% of the preceding quarter. Groups must provide their most current DE6 and/or payroll records (payroll records must cover the 6 weeks preceding the effective date) to verify this information.

Standard underwriting guidelines will apply. Additional requirements may be requested if payroll records are incomplete. Groups that cannot provide sufficient payroll and have not been in business for 50% of the previous calendar quarter, regardless of the corporate structure, Anthem Blue Cross reserves the right to consider the case as non-guarantee issue.
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