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2-50: July 2011 Anthem Updates

Mar 22, 2011

Anthem Blue Cross 2-50 & 51-99
July 2011 Benefit & Rate Adjustments

Anthem Blue Cross has announced their July 2011 quarterly rate adjustments to their 2-50 and 51-99 portfolios, averaging 0.6% (this is not a typo) statewide for medical. Other news includes:
  • Discontinuation of Lumenos 100% plans
  • RAF Program extension through September 15, 2011 (includes PEO spin-off groups)
  • Rate pass on all ancillary lines
  • Anthem will release July 2011 rates for quoting on Monday, April 11th

Other recent news announced by Anthem Small Group includes:

The majority of the 2-50 and 51-99 medical plans will receive a rate pass for July 1, 2011 effective dates, with the exception being the Solution PPO plans. Statewide rate increases by portfolio and product are provided below.

EmployeeElect (Grandfathered and Non-Grandfathered plans)
  • 2-50 & 51-99 HMO = RATE PASS 
  • 2-50 & 51-99 PPO
    • Solution 2500 = 7.0%
    • Solution 3500 = 5.0%
    • Solution 5000 = 3.0%
  • 2-50 & 51-99 CDHP = RATE PASS
  • Please note that the 51-99(including 2-50 MHP compliant plans) quarterly increase is the same as 2-50; however, book rates are slightly higher for the 51-99 portfolio. 
EmployeeChoice = RATE PASS


Quarterly Rate Adjustments
Anthem Blue Cross Small Group has issued the following quarterly rate adjustments. It should be noted that these rate adjustments are averages and vary by plan and by region.
  • April 2011 = 3.3%
  • January 2011 = 4.7%
  • October 2010 = 2.8%
  • July 2010 = 1.9%

July 2011 Book Rates
Book rates are available on the b&p website and bpServ (b&p's iPhone app). Quoting is available.
Effective July 1, 2011, Anthem Blue Cross will eliminate the Lumenos 100% plans for both the 2-50 and 51-99 portfolios.
Membership currently enrolled in one of these plans will be migrated into its mirrored plan as outlined below.
Click on the link to
Current RAF Program Extended
The Anthem Blue Cross RAF Program will continue through September 15, 2011 effective dates.

Six (6) or more enrolling are eligible for a .90 RAF*
PEO Groups Eligible for RAF Program Extended
PEO spin-off groups are eligible for the RAF Program through September 15, 2011 effective dates, assuming all other eligibility requirements are met.

Ten (10) or more enrolling are eligible for a .90 RAF*


* Click here for the RAF Promotion pertaining to 100% enrollment in Elements Plans

* Click here for the Program Guidelines.

Other Dental PPO & DHMO Plans
No changes to rates or benefits.

Vision & Life Rates & Benefits
No changes to rates or benefits.

Don't Forget the Specialty Discounts
  • 1% RAF Savings (down to .90) - when a group buys at least $25,000 in life coverage. In many cases, the 1% RAF savings will cover the entire cost of the life premium.
  • 6% Premium Savings - when groups purchase both dental and at least $25,000 in life coverage, they may receive 6% off both the dental and the life premiums.
Click here for the Anthem Ancillary Bonus Flyer.
Click here for the Anthem Specialty Cheat Sheet.
  • April 4: July renewals will be posted online.
  • April 11th: Anthem will release July 2011 Small Group (2-50) and Mid-Market (51-99) rates for quoting.
  • April 14: July broker renewals will be mailed.
  • April 25: July group renewals will be mailed. Renewal distribution for groups with enrollment in a Lumenos HSA 100% plan are currently being distributed.
Please contact any member of your b&p Sales Team for assistance with quote requests and questions regarding the details above - 888.722.3373.
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