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2-50: Mailing to Groups Enrolled in Grandfathered Health Plans

Dec 19, 2012

As you know, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is bringing numerous changes to health care. Health Net is keeping employers and brokers informed along the way to help you navigate the new world of health care reform.

Health Net is giving employers with continuing plans the option of keeping their Health Net health plan that was granted grandfathered status under the Affordable Care Act. Health Net will be mailing a letter (attached) to these renewing small group clients with grandfathered plans to inform them of this option and its benefits. Health Net will also let their brokers know that they will be reaching out to these clients with grandfathered health plans.

If an employer is struggling with rising health care costs, staying with their grandfathered plan can be a welcome, cost-effective option. Grandfathered plans, for instance, are exempt from certain health care reform provisions that add to the overall plan cost.

Deciding whether or not to maintain grandfathered status can be complex, and your clients may be contacting you with questions. If you need more information about Health Net’s grandfathered (or nongrandfathered) plans, please contact your b&p Group Sales Represenative - 888.722.3373.

Click here to view the letter being sent to renewing Small Group clients. 

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