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2-50: New Healthy Support PPO Plans from Anthem Blue Cross!

Apr 20, 2012

The new Anthem Blue Cross Health Support PPO Plans, exclusively through CaliforniaChoice®, offer employers affordable health coverage for their employees.

With the CaliforniaChoice Healthy Support plans, you have a choice of “tiers” (or levels) of hospitals to visit. Tier one hospitals offer the greatest savings to you.  Tier two hospitals have the second best level of savings. Tier three hospitals — or
out-of-network hospitals — offer the least out-of-pocket savings, but you’ll still be covered. Keep in mind that the tier levels aren’t based on the quality of care given at each hospital. They’re based on which hospitals have shown they’re better able to give quality care that’s also cost-effective.

The three-tier levels* are:
  * The tier levels are not based on the quality of care given at each hospital. Instead, each level stands for the hospitals that show the best use of health care dollars.

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