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2-50: Product Portfolio Update - HSA 2000

Jul 23, 2010

Aetna Small Group Product Portfolio Update

Aetna is committed  to promoting both the concept of consumerism and affordable health care product options for their small group customers.  Based upon what they have experienced in the marketplace, they have seen that the 100% HSA plans do not achieve the level of essential elements of cost sharing, such as coinsurance or copays, after satisfaction of the deductible which are critical to the concept of consumerism. 

As a result, effective September 1, 2010, Aetna will no longer be marketing 100% HSA Plans in our Small Group product portfolio.

Helping members make choices that work        

Members enrolled in an 100% HSA plan will be moved to the MC HSA Compatible HDHP $3000 90/50 plan at their next renewal. Aetna knows some members may want to consider other choices as well. Please encourage your clients to visit the below resources that offer additional information to help them make informed health care decisions:

An updated Aetna Avenue Plan Guide that reflects these updates will be available soon. In the interim you can view the current California plan guide here.
Aetna encourages you to talk to your b&p Group Sales Representative to discuss ow your clients can get the most for their health care dollar through their products and services. In addition, they can also help answer any specific questions or concerns you may have about alternative Aetna plans that may better meet your customers’ needs.
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