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2-50: Revised RAFs Not Acceptable for RAF Program

Jul 02, 2009

  RAF Promotion through December 31, 2009

10 – 50 medically enrolling CA EEs

.90 RAF

5 – 9 medically enrolling CA EEs

 Medically underwritten to determine RAF

2 – 4 medically enrolling CA EEs

 1.10 RAF

As of Wednesday, July 1, Aetna will only accept the original renewal received by a group to determine eligibility for their RAF promotion. Revised renewals will not be accepted. Aetna will continue requiring submission of prior year and current renewals (original only). Aetna has expanded their RAF promo through 12/31/09 and AB1672 eligible groups moving from a large group contract are now eligible for the RAF program. To qualify, groups must provide a large group renewal of less than 20% increase within 90 days of their requested effective date.

RAF Promo Guidelines

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