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2-50: Tools for Explaining Rising Health Care Costs

Jun 03, 2010

New California Version 2010 Medical Cost Trends Flyer
Now Available
For Small Group and Individual Business

You may have received one of Anthem's regular Anthem Federal Health Care Reform communications recently that included a link to a version of a health care costs flyer entitled "Getting to the Bottom of Health Care Costs." Anthem is pleased to announce that, while that document is not available, they have California specific versions of the same piece available for both their Small Group and Individual agents. Both documents can be downloaded below and can be ordered on the Anthem Blue Cross agent site beginning the week of May 31, 2010.

The cost of health care is one of the biggest issues facing small businesses today and it's one of the biggest obstacles to selling and retaining your small group clients.

Anthem Blue Cross created the Medical Cost Trends guide to help you, their broker partner, help your groups understand why health care costs are rising (including the impact of Healthcare Reform) and what Anthem Blue Cross is doing to help your groups maximize benefits, while minimizing health care expenses.

Anthem's ALL NEW and fully updated 2010 Medical Cost Trends flyer is available NOW!

The printed version of these new flyers will be available to order online the week of May 31, 2010.

The Medical Cost Trends flyer will also be included in the Anthem Blue Cross Small Group renewal packages throughout the year.

Contact your Group Sales Representative at 888.722.3373 to discuss.

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