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2-50: Updated RAF Promotion Effective July through December 2012

May 01, 2012

Effective July 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012
(based on number of enrolling employees)

Aetna is pleased to announce the extension of the current RAF promotion with a change for groups funding all or a portion of the deductible (see last bullet).

Group Size 2-5

Automatic 1.10

Group Size 6-9*

Maximum .95 RAF if their renewal RAF is 1.0 or lower and they meet the program rules & eligibility criteria

Group Size 10-50

Maximum .90 RAF if group meets program rules & eligibility criteria

  • Groups applying for the guaranteed RAF must be AB1672 eligible and have a current RAF of 1.06 or less with their current carrier.
  • Groups that received a 10-point increase in their RAF are ineligible.
  • Groups are eligible for the RAF promotion either two months (60 days) before or two months (60 days) after their renewal date.
  • COBRA/CalCOBRA enrollees do not count toward the enrolled employee counts.
  • Groups with 30% or more COBRA/CalCOBRA enrollees are excluded from the RAF promo.
  • Groups coming from CaliforniaChoice, Contractor’s Choice, HSA California, Kaiser Permanente Choice Solution, Associations, PEOs or groups that have withdrawn from Aetna within 12 months of the requested date are not eligible.
  • Groups coming from a large group contract that are AB1672 eligible are eligible if they can provide a large group renewal of less than a 20% increase within 90 days of their requested effective date.
  • Carve out groups (management/non-management, union/non-union) are not eligible for RAF promotions.
  • Groups must submit a copy of both their current and last year’s renewal or their issued RAF at new business. The current renewal must be the original renewal, not a revised renewal (RAF).
  • Groups must apply for the RAF promotion prior to final underwriting approval.
  • Groups funding a portion of the employee’s deductible, copayment/coinsurance are eligible for a .95 RAF if their renewal RAF is 1.0 or lower and they meet the program rules & eligibility criteria. (Please note: HSA plans are eligible for RAF promo when funding is through a federally qualified HSA).

*Groups with 6 or more enrolling are eligible for lower RAF upon review of
  medical information on the application.

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