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2-50: Voluntary Plan Options for California Small Groups

Jan 09, 2012

Anthem now offers small group employers a new set of dental, vision and life plan options that their employees can select and pay for “voluntarily” without any additional cost to the employer. It’s the perfect complement to Anthem health plan coverage. Voluntary dental and vision plans are available when groups maintain at least five enrolled employees. Participation requirements for life vary depending on group size. For groups of four (4) or more:, 25% participation is required, with a minimum of three employees. 100% participation is required for groups of two or three employees.


For more information on voluntary product trends, see Anthem’s 2011 Specialty Trends Report. This 52-page report is packed with great information and can be downloaded from Anthem's microsite at

Or, to get a quote for Anthem's voluntary or employer-paid dental, vision or life plans, contact b&p at 888.722.3373.

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