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3 Actions Enrollees Can Take to Optimize their Dental Benefits

Aug 01, 2012

Health care costs continue to rise, making it increasingly important for companies to manage their employee benefit budgets efficiently. A recent study by human resources consultant Aon Hewitt suggests overall health care costs will increase to an average of $10,475 per employee in 2012, up seven percent from 2011.1

While many employers continue to fund the majority of this cost, employees are projected to contribute an average of $2,306 to the overall health care premium in 2012. This constitutes an increase of nearly 11% over 2011 according to Aon Hewitt’s analysis.

Numbers like these can be discouraging, but the good news is that in one area of health care – oral health – cost increases are much smaller. Group dental benefits continue to remain very affordable – experiencing only modest average increases 4% - 8% annually over the past decade.2 And though dental benefits remain a good value, it’s prudent to help employees get the most value.

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