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51-100: Choice New Business 5% Renewal Guarantee

Sep 16, 2014

CA 51-100 Choice New Business: Robust Portfolio, Attractive Pricing, and Now a Renewal Rate Guarantee!

Selling Health Net's first-on-the-market 51-100 Choice products just got easier! For new business sales effective 9/1/14 through 12/1/14 only, Health Net is now offering a 2015 renewal rate increase of only 5% to qualified groups!

Health Net's offer provides a distinct advantage for brokers to sell 9/1/14-12/1/14 new 51-100 California business with their competitive pricing and benefit choices. And, to shift sales into high gear, you can renew these groups in 2015 at only a 5% increase for all rates!

This 51-100 Choice new business offering locks clients in to a maximum 24-month rate commitment, giving your clients greater peace of mind in today's changing marketplace.

The renewal rate offer portfolio includes new sales in any of Health Net's three Choice packages (Enhanced Choice with full network HMO/EOA, SmartCare Choice and ExcelCare Choice).

Here's an example of how the renewal rate offer works:
  • 9/1/14-8/31/15: approved Health Net new sale rates
  • 9/1/15-8/31/16: all rates increase by only 5%1
Brokers: Gain a selling edge
Health Net is encouraging their broker partners to take a look at their 1/1/15 renewals with other carriers, and see if moving new business to Health Net on 12/1/14 makes sense. These groups can get competitive 12/1/14 rates, a portfolio with flexible plan combinations, and a 5% renewal rate increase in 2015! Health Net will allow these new groups to stay on a cost-effective plan at an affordable, low rate up to their 2016 renewal date, at which time they will be considered Small Business groups per upcoming ACA regulations.
Need more reasons for 51-100 Choice?
  • Employees are offered any number and type of plan - Health Net has more than 100 plans simplified into three convenient packages.
  • Contribution levels that work for clients' businesses - either percentage or flat dollar.
  • Streamline decision making - Employees pick the plans from the choices the employer selects.
  • Combine benefits with Health Net's popular and proven tailored networks to create 51-100 Choice options that are even more affordable and competitive!

For questions, please ​contact a member of your b&p Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

1 9/1/15-8/31/16 benefits will be adjusted to conform to any potential future mandated requirements. 9/1/15-8/31/16 rates could be adjusted further for any currently unknown legislative/regulatory changes or significant changes in demographics. Refer to the Agreement document, available from your Health Net sales consultant, for rate guarantee eligibility and other important details, terms and conditions.

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