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51-125: New Client Services Team for Large Group Enrollment and Billing

Nov 09, 2012

Starting this fall, a new team will be ready to help California Large Group Employers with their enrollment and billing questions. The friendly, knowledgeable Client Services Team members are experts at handling all Enrollment & Billing inquiries.  The new, toll-free number for the Client Services Team is 855-206-2004.

An enhanced level of service

During regular business hours (8 a.m. –5 p.m. PST, M-F), a live person will always answer the phone. So you never have to worry about leaving a message, getting a call back or waiting for an answer to your questions.

Beginning November 15, 2012, the new Client Services Team will be in place to help all California Large Group Employers in the pool (typically 51-250 eligible employees) and all new cases (pooled or non-pooled with effective dates of 10/1/2012 or later) with their enrollment & billing needs. This includes membership transactions, questions, concerns and special requests.  Brokers and Employer Groups may contact the Client Services Team by calling 855-206-2004 between 8am -5pm PST, Monday – Friday.  Transactional items such as enrollments, terminations or changes to existing member information that need to be processed will continue to be submitted to [email protected].  Life, AD&D and Disability Self-Bill worksheets will be submitted directly to [email protected].

Non-pooled Employer Groups who currently have a direct Enrollment & Billing Representative assignment will retain that assignment for the time being.  However, should you or your non-pooled Employer Group need immediate assistance, you are welcome to utilize the Client Services Team as well.  Again, enrollment items should continue to be submitted to [email protected].

When to call the Client Services Team

The Client Services team can answer all questions about billing and enrollment issues, including:

An improved service model

Anthem Blue Cross wants to make it easier for Employers to do business with them. With their new service model, Employers can now call to complete transactions over the phone. Examples include, but are not limited to:

When Employers call 855-206-2004, they will be prompted to enter an option for enrollment and billing inquiries.  A separate option will direct their call to one of Anthem's Employer Service Representatives for benefit and claims questions.  Anthem is not changing the Employer Service Representative Team or their direct client assignments but simply adding an option to the toll free number to make it easier to contact them.  Now, pooled Employer Groups only need one toll-free number to reach their Enrollment & Billing and Employer Service Representative Teams!

It’s the same high quality service you’re used to – with the added benefit of getting help right away.  Pooled Employer Groups will be notified about this new service model as well.  That communication will be sent November 2, 2012.

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