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51-250: Anthem's Statement re: SB 1163 - Timeline for Renewal Notifications

Apr 01, 2011

California Senate Bill 1163 (SB 1163) Changes for Anthem Large Group clients


In February, Anthem shared with you information about SB1163 which implements federal health care reform provisions for rate filings and amends timelines for renewal notifications . At this point, they'd like to formally share their Large Group approach.  

Pooled Cases (51-250)
- brokers receive the package today 90 days in advance. This will continue. Clients were already receiving a copy of the package 45 days in advance. To comply with the 60 day requirement Anthem moved the timeline from 45 to 60 days, effective with their 6/1/11 pooled renewals.  

Non-Pooled Cases
- in the current state these renewals are delivered to the broker only. Starting with renewals being produced (not renewal dates but what we call work month - the month Anthem actually produces and deliver them) at the end of March and beginning of April, to comply with SB1163, they are going to send the renewal to the broker as they do now, and then 3 days later deliver that renewal to the client. The cover email explains to the client that they are receiving the renewal to comply with SB1163 in California and that their broker has already received a copy. 

Strategic Accounts and National Accounts
- many of Anthem's larger clients would prefer that the renewal materials only be sent directly to their broker/consultant to facilitate negotiations regarding what makes sense for meeting the clients' needs. They will continue to send you the renewal packages in advance of the client as it gives the broker/consultant the opportunity to review the materials in advance, have discussions with Anthem regarding potential changes and provide thoughtful, knowledgeable guidance on the package which will be sent to the client. To accommodate Anthem's large clients' requests to have their broker/consultants be their designees to receive renewal communications moving forward, a letter will be sent to these clients. Once signed and returned to the Anthem account executive for that respective account, it will allow Anthem Blue Cross to send the renewal materials directly to the broker only, serving as the client's designee. 

If you have any questions or would like additional information, contact your Anthem sales account executive or account management executive

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