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51-250: Get to Know Dental Blue

Sep 08, 2010

If you haven't sold Dental Blue recently, here are some great reasons why you should: 

Our dental company is rock solid

Our new plans offer more great options:

For groups of 51-250:

For all large groups:

Please note that access to the International Emergency Dental Program and services received do not count toward their annual maximum.  

As always, when members see a Dental Blue dentist they get negotiated rates on non-covered services, services received after they meet the annual maximums and during any waiting periods. 

Dental Blue plans are designed for better health
Dental Blue members who are living with diabetes or who are pregnant will receive an additional cleaning or periodontal maintenance procedure each year, which does not count toward their annual maximums.  Anthem will also reach out to them through their ConditionCare diabetes or Future Moms programs if they're covered by these 360º Health® programs to help them improve and maintain their health. 

Dental Blue network advantages are huge
Anthem now has more dentists and more locations than ever before.

For more information on Dental Blue plans, contact your b&p Group Sales Representative. 

* Anthem and its affiliated companies.
** Based upon the LIMRA/NADP U.S. Group Dental Plans 2008 Annual Sales & In-Force report.
Internal data, 2009.

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