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51-250: Six New HMO Options

May 03, 2010

Six New HMO plans give you more choices!


Effective July 1, 2010, Anthem Blue Cross is adding six additional HMO options for businesses with 51 or more employees.*

You pointed out a need to offer Anthem's Select HMO plans with a choice of either their robust traditional HMO provider network or their high-performance Select HMO network. As a result, they cloned the six Select HMO plans, gave them traditional names and created six new plans available to be sold with their full traditional HMO network.

Cloned Select HMO plan                                         New traditional HMO plan

Select HMO 1                                                           Premier HMO 15/30

Select HMO 2                                                           Classic HMO 20/30/100/day 

Select HMO 3                                                           Value HMO 20/30/20%

Select HMO 4                                                           Value HMO 25/40/20%

Select HMO 5                                                           Value HMO 30/40/30%

Select HMO 6                                                           Value HMO 45/50/50%

You will see these new names noted on the attached HMO grid.

These plans offer:

*This excludes 51-99 EmployeeElect.

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