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51+: Notice of Changes to Few Client's Health Coverage

Oct 09, 2014

Anthem periodically reviews and updates their product offerings to make sure their health plans fit the needs of their clients. In Anthem's most recent review they’ve decided to discontinue certain health plans from their Large Group portfolio (see list below).

Anthem will mail more specific information with your client's traditional monthly renewal package. With the exception of Lumenos HSA Plan 502, all discontinued plans noted below will be offered for renewal to clients who have previously selected one of these plans. As part of the renewal package, Anthem wll also include a quote for the health plans that most closely match your impacted clients' discontinued plans, along with other plan quotes and details.

For clients currently offering Lumenos HSA Plan 502 and BC Lumenos Plan 502, these plans will be removed from Anthem's portfolio as of January 1, 2015.  For that reason, Anthem will migrate any individual enrolled on these plans to Lumenos HSA Plan 292 and BC Lumenos HSA Plan 292. Your affected clients will be notified as part of their renewal package.

Anthem wants to provide you with this advance notice, as impacted clients will be receiving a letter as required by California legislation. The discontinuation of these plans will be implemented along with impacted client’s renewal, beginning on or after January 1, 2015. There are plenty of plans to choose from, so Anthem can always find the one that’s right for your client.


ACO Flex PPOs (4 Plans)                           Lumenos HRA 2000 20/40 (3 Plans)
Premier ACO Flex 250/15/30                       Unlimited Rollover (LHRA409)
Premier ACO Flex 500/20/35                       1x Rollover (LHRA391)
Classic ACO Flex 750/30/45                        2x Rollover (LHRA392)
Classic ACO Flex 1500/35/50                              

Advantage PPOs (5 Plans)                         Lumenos HSA (1 Plan)
Premier Advantage PPO 250/15/20/30         HSA 2500/3000 20/40 Embedded Ded (LHSA502)
Premier Advantage PPO 250/20/20/40
Premier Advantage PPO 250/30/20/40                 
Classic Advantage PPO 500/30/20/30                 
Classic Advantage PPO 500/30/20/40                  

OnePlan PPOs (3 Plans)                                Rx Plans (3 Plans)
OnePlan PPO 10                                              Rx 5/10
OnePlan PPO 20                                              Rx 5/10 3000 Infertility
OnePlan PPO 30                                              Rx 10/20 3000 Infertility

If you have any questions or would like more information, please ​contact a member of your b&p Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

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