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51+ Portfolio Expanded for January 2010 Effective Dates

Oct 11, 2010

Expanded large group portfolio offers more choices 

Anthem is pleased to tell you that some exciting new health plans for businesses with 51 or more employees are headed your way. These new plans give your clients and their employees even more choice and flexibility. Plans go into effect on January 1, 2011. 

What's new 
Pick-a-Plan; Pick-a-Network - An innovative way to offer HMO coverage to your clients 
Anthem's HMO portfolio* can be matched up with your choice of either the

The Select Plus HMO network offers access to more providers than the Select HMO network at a lower cost than the traditional HMO. 

A choice of three HMO networks enables employers to offer their employees the same wide-ranging benefits but with different levels of cost savings. Employers can stay with their favorite Anthem HMO plan while moving to another HMO network. With Pick-a-Plan; Pick-a-Network it's that easy. 

The latest additions to our 2011 portfolio

Attached are benefit grids (PPO, CDHP, Rx, HMO) that show Anthem plans and a sales slick of the highlights. Anthem has also renamed some of the health plans. Attached is a crosswalk flyer Quick Reference Guide showing you the new names. 

* Excludes Advantage HMO and POS plans.

For more information contact your Large Group Sales Assistant - 888.722.3373.

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