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Aetna Goes Mobile

Mar 12, 2010

Aetna goes mobile and gives members convenient access to health care information

Aetna members will soon be able to access a wide range of health care information from their mobile phones, whether they have a basic cell phone or a smartphone with full internet access. That’s because Aetna is making it a priority to engage members with mobile solutions that include mobile web, smartphone “apps” and text messaging.

Watch the Aetna mobile demo to see the kinds of information, traditionally accessed through a desktop computer, now available to members on the go.

For example, members can:

  • find a doctor, dentist or facility
  • look up a claim
  • access their personal health record
  • research the price of a prescription
  • pull up their Aetna member ID card

Aetna consumer research has found members favor resources that offer personalization and convenience – with an emphasis on items like online provider directories, pricing tools and personal health records.  Based on this research, Aetna is providing access to a variety of features including its DocFind online provider directory, the Aetna Personal Health Record, Price-a-Drug, claims search, and electronic ID cards – all while members are on the go.

For a more detailed look at Aetna’s new mobile solutions, as well as planned “apps’ and texting capabilities, read the full press release or contact Aetna for more information.

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