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Aetna Has MLR Answers to Your Questions

Aug 10, 2012

The recent release of Aetna's MLR communications and payment of rebates has, as expected, resulted in many questions. They’ve put together information for you, your customers and their plan members on their Minimum MLR page on
On this page, you will find:
  • MLR Questions and Answers
  • List of MLR pools receiving rebates
  • Federal guidelines on how plan sponsors must use the rebates

Aetna encourages you to make this site your first stop if you have questions or want to learn more.

MLR Pool Update

Based on additional guidance from the Federal government, Aetna resubmitted their 6/1 ALIC filing to revise the treatment of certain federal taxes. As a result, three new rebate-eligible pools were added to the list. The final list of rebate-eligible pools now includes the following MLR pools:

  • California Large Group (ALIC only)
  • Nevada Small Group (ALIC only)
  • Virginia Small Group (ALIC only)
Aetna revised their online chart to reflect the changes. The update does not impact Aetna’s HMO plans.


Sample Communications
If you would like to see the communications Aetna is sending to your customers who are due rebates and their subscribers, see sample letters and notices of rebate by clicking on the links below:

Aetna Notice of Rebate Cover Letters Sent With HHS Model Notices:

Aetna hopes you find the Minimum MLR information on their website helpful.

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