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Aetna Introduces New Materials to Help Your Customers Understand ACA

Dec 19, 2012


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes a number of provisions that affect both insured and self-insured plans. Among them are four taxes and fees, which Aetna expects to impact the cost of plans going forward.

Aetna has developed new materials to help you and your customers understand how these taxes and fees will impact health plan costs.

The Plan sponsor flyer outlines the four taxes and fees. They are:

The flyer includes an at-a-glance chart that describes each tax or fee; the expected industry-wide amounts to be collected for each; and the impacted products.

Aetna's plan sponsor brochure discusses at length two of the four taxes and fees – specifically the HIF and RC – which will impact the cost of health plans as early as February 1, 2013. The brochure explains who, what, when, how much and other basics about these mandated taxes and fees. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently released parameters relating to the RC, and Aetna is reviewing the information. Aetna will provide updates on this and other taxes and fees regulations when they are finalized.

Share these materials with your customers

The flyer and brochure are for your information as well as for your customers. You may want to share these communications with your clients or use them to help answer their questions.

Learn more about ACA

Visit Aetna's website for more about the ACA, its many requirements, and how we are preparing for the changes ahead. Go to

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