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Aetna Taking Steps to Help Members in Fire-Ravaged California Areas

Sep 08, 2009

With thousands of people evacuated from their homes in the Los Angeles area due to wildfires, Aetna is making it easier for members there to refill prescriptions. Aetna is monitoring the situation carefully, and will re-evaluate their medical and dental policies for members as necessary to help them access care.

As soon as Aetna began receiving inquiries from pharmacies and members, they modified policies to meet the prescription drug needs of their members in the path of the fires in the affected areas in the fire-impacted Los Angeles area. In this county, members who had to flee without their medications, or want to refill prescriptions so that they can be prepared to evacuate, can refill their prescriptions early.

Aetna has been monitoring the impact of the fires on health care providers carefully. It is important to remember that members can seek urgent or emergent care anywhere, as needed. Aetna will grant exceptions as needed to normal claims reimbursement policy for members who are forced to seek care outside Aetna's network or their IPA. If members who have been evacuated from their homes need non-emergency care and cannot access an in-network provider or their own IPA, they should contact Aetna to discuss an exception to their normal reimbursement policy.

Aetna is monitoring access to medical facilities and medical groups, and all state emergency declarations, so that they can continually update the areas where their policy modifications are in effect.

You can help your employees plan ahead for disasters.
You may want to take this opportunity to remind your employees everywhere about the importance of being prepared for fires, hurricanes, floods or other disasters. Aetna invites you to use your intranet, employee newsletter or other internal communications to link your employees to valuable information on, the consumer education website created by Aetna and the Financial Planning Association. It now features an article called “Are You Prepared,” that helps people prepare for their health and benefits needs before a natural disaster strikes.

Aetna will continue to monitor the fire situation carefully, so that they are prepared to move quickly to provide other assistance as needed.
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