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Aetna Whole Health from Aetna

Nov 09, 2012


Aetna Whole Health—PrimeCare Physicians Plans will be attractive to many of your clients in the Inland Empire. These plans offer the benefits your clients want at a lower cost. This is especially important during these difficult economic times.

Aetna Whole Health features an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) relationship between Aetna and local PrimeCare network providers. These plans deliver important benefits and savings, including:

Teamwork works

Aetna Whole Health is based on teamwork between Aetna and PrimeCare network providers. Aetna stresses personalized care and engagement to meet the needs of individual patients. Shared accountability and shared cost savings among providers greatly improve coordination of efforts.

Members will get the same coverage they would with other Aetna plans but will pay less. Aetna's efforts will provide better teamwork that can result in better health care at lower costs.

Spreading the word

Aetna will soon be running a new ad campaign in a variety of publications in the Inland Empire. This is to promote this unique relationship with the PrimeCare network and Aetna Whole Health. Since you play such an important role in your clients’ benefits decision making, the ads direct the employers to you for more information on Aetna.

Help your clients take advantage of this lower-cost plan! Aetna Whole Health shares many of the same programs and services that Aetna's regular medical portfolios include. It’s all part of Aetna's continuing effort to help you sell more cases and grow your business.

Thank you for working with Aetna. If you would like to learn more about this initiative, please contact your b&p Group Sales Representative - 888-722-3383.

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