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Aetna's Blueprint for Benefits Campaign

Jun 15, 2011

Aetna is excited to share information about an upcoming marketing campaign that your clients may be hearing about very soon. Through direct mail and e-mail, Aetna will be reaching out to these important decision makers and reiterating their commitment to their customers who already have Aetna medical coverage.

This new marketing campaign is called "Blueprint for Benefits." It encourages plan sponsors to build a smarter plan with more of the benefits that their employees need, in addition to their existing Aetna medical coverage.

By offering a more robust portfolio of Aetna quality products, such as life, disability, dental and vision, your clients can receive great value and cost efficiencies. And you can benefit from increased sales and simpler administration. Your clients can also complement their benefits package with Aetna's new Voluntary Plans – at no direct cost to them.

Now is a great time to check out Aetna's new, more competitive rates. This marketing campaign launches soon and includes multiple touch points reinforcing the message that Aetna supports their customers with unique products and services. You can learn more about it at

For more information, contact your Aetna representative.

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