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Aetna's Dental-Medical Integration Program

Aug 11, 2011

DMI program study proves key for a healthier workforce
The strong link between lifestyle, health benefit costs and productivity has led most large employers, and a growing number of smaller employers, to invest in wellness programs to motivate employees to improve their overall health.

Aetna’s Dental/Medical IntegrationSM (DMI) program is available to members with Aetna dental and medical coverage. This program uses sophisticated technology to identify members who are pregnant or have chronic conditions and who have not had a recent dental visit.

Aetna reaches out to these members by mail and through phone calls to make them aware of how gum disease may impact their health situation.

Good health can begin with good dental care
Recent Aetna findings revealed that members with access to regular dental care had better control of their diabetes, including more regulated blood glucose levels. Below are the results based on a study conducted from 2007 through 2009 (view chart).
DMI-eligible members who visited a dentist showed a decrease in poorly controlled diabetes from 25.1 percent in 2007 to 17.8 percent in 2009.
Industry peers without DMI showed an increase in poorly controlled diabetes from 28.5 percent in 2007 to 32.5 percent in 2009.
DMI-eligible members who didn’t visit a dentist also showed an increase in poorly controlled diabetes from 25.4 percent in 2007 to 32.6 percent in 2009.

Those without DMI or who didn’t visit a dentist had higher annual medical costs in all three years.

What’s the value for your clients?
Integrated dental and health data can lead to real cost savings.
Our DMI program may reduce risk scores.
It can improve workforce productivity and health.
It provides personalized outreach to employees based on clinical knowledge, data analysis and presenteeism scores.

What’s the value for their employees?
Employees who have not had a recent dental visit and are pregnant or have diabetes, heart disease or cerebrovascular disease are automatically identified and receive education on how gum disease may have an impact on their health. Plus, employees who enroll in the DMI program receive one additional free dental cleaning, as well as access to certain periodontal treatments covered at 100 percent, with no deductibles or coinsurance!

Aetna’s DMI program can help your clients control costs while offering their employees education and benefits they need for better overall health. Click here to listen to a recent DMI webinar podcast hosted by Aetna's Chief Dental Officer, Dr. Mary Lee Conicella.

For more information, please view Aetna's marketing materials.
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