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Aetna's Doctor Payment Estimator

Sep 15, 2010


Aetna members can understand their out-of-pocket expenses before their next visit
to the doctor.
To help people take control of their health care costs, we're offering Aetna's exclusive Member Payment Estimator. It's a convenient way for our members to avoid surprises when it comes to their health care bills. With this innovative resource, members can get personalized, real-time estimates for their health care costs. Based on their plan details and doctor's fee schedule, members can see and compare costs for hundreds of commonly used services and procedures from participating Aetna providers.

By logging in to their Aetna Navigator® secure member website before going to the doctor, members can find out:

• The total cost of a procedure, plus Aetna's contribution
• Deductible and coinsurance payments
• What other local health care providers charge for the same services

We created this tool to help members better prepare their budgets and not be surprised by unexpected costs. Because Aetna's Member Payment Estimator delivers personalized, real-time health cost information, it's easy for members to know their costs before they go to the doctor.

Learn more about Aetna's Member Payment Estimator and our other tools at
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