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Aetna's Health Care Reform Resources

Jul 22, 2010

New Health Care Reform Resources for You and Your Clients

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) includes numerous individual and group comprehensive, major medical insurance market reform provisions that, for the most part, take effect in 2014 or later. Other provisions expected to have an impact in 2010 are more in line with mandated benefits changes, rather than comprehensive reform. We include a brief description* of these changes and their anticipated impact in Aetna's Guide to the 2010 Health Care Reform Provisions (PDF).

Aetna has also created a Health Care Reform timeline flyer based on their original ten year timeline they shared with you in the last issue of Aetna INsider. This is a good resource to share with your clients. This timeline goes from 2010 thru 2020 and highlights upcoming major events.


* This information should be considered a high-level summary. This should not be considered legal or compliance guidance.


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