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Aetna's Health Reform Weekly (2/13): New Summary of Benefits Rules

Feb 27, 2012

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This week's health care reform news:

New Summary of Benefits Rules Released
New final Summary of Benefits and Coverage rules were released last week requiring insurers and issuers of health care coverage to make available to enrollees a new, separate document summarizing their benefits and coverage.

Other highlights include:
  • Arizona's legislature has seen a flurry of new bills filed, including a bill on cross-border sales of insurance and a bill requiring hospitals to release direct-pay prices for the most-used codes.
  • A budget proposal is advancing that would continue for one year Maine's Dirigo health plan assessment on paid health claims.
  • A revised health insurance exchange proposal in the New Jersey legislature has advanced out of committee.
  • Amendments to recently passed anti-mail-order pharmacy, fertility-mail-order, and oral-chemotherapy bills in New York have been passed in the Senate and sent to the governor's desk.

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