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Aetna's Health Reform Weekly (3/20): Exchange Rules Released

Mar 29, 2012

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This week's health care reform news:

Health Insurance Exchange Rules Released By Regulators

Long-awaited final rules for implementing state-based health insurance exchanges were released last week. The new rules assert the intent to provide states with flexibility in how to operate exchanges.

Other highlights include:

  • Legislation has been introduced in Connecticut that would allow small employers to join the state-sponsored health option known as the Partnership Plan.
  • The Indiana legislature passed Health Care Compact and right-to-work bills prior to adjournment.
  • In Florida, the legislature has passed bills requiring urgent care centers to post prices for common services and amending state law regarding external review.
  • In Delaware, a legislative committee has taken up a bill requiring insurers to provide equal reimbursement for
    oral and intravenous anticancer medications.

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