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Aetna's Health Reform Weekly (7/30): SCOTUS Ruling Means Cost Savings

Aug 15, 2012


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This week's health care reform news:

Supreme Court Ruling Means Cost Savings, Less Access

The Congressional Budget Office released a report that found the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will mean less access to Medicaid for some, shrinking projected costs by an estimated $84 billion.

Other highlights include:

  • Idaho’s governor appoints work groups to examine the feasibility of establishing a state vs federal exchange under the ACA.
  • Massachusetts legislators have negotiated a health care payment reform legislation deal.
  • New York has informed federal officials that it intends to build a state-based health insurance exchange.
  • Oklahoma’s governor has indicated the state will wait until after the November elections before deciding whether to proceed with ACA-compliant legislation.

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