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Aetna's Health Reform Weekly: Debt Limit Increase and More

Jan 26, 2012

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This week's health care reform news:

House Frowns on Debt Limit Increase
The House last week approved a joint resolution expressing disapproval of a $1.2 trillion increase in the federal debt limit. Additionally, a conference committee will be working in coming weeks on a full-year extension of the Medicare physician payment fix and other business left over from 2011.

Other highlights include:
  • New Jersey’s governor has signed into law a bill requiring insurers to cover oral chemotherapy treatment no less favorably than intravenous chemotherapy.
  • Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has announced the state will turn down a $37 million grant to set up a health insurance exchange.
  • A proposal to expand Medicaid managed care into long-term services in Kansas for the developmentally disabled, the elderly and the mentally ill got a major endorsement last week.
  • The New York governor’s new budget proposal contains language creating a state health insurance exchange.

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