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Aetna's New PrimPay HR3

Sep 16, 2011

New HR, Payroll & Benefits system from PrimePay available through the Aetna Resource Connection Program

Integrate the Way You Manage Your HR, Payroll & Benefits Information with Web-based Technology

How efficient is your HR and benefits management system?  Is it a comprehensive solution or just an online recordkeeping system for storing personnel data?  Do changes you make to human resource or benefit deductions seamlessly integrate into payroll?  Does the system feed updates to your benefits carriers?  If you are looking for a single-entry, logic based online HR, payroll & benefits administration system, check out PrimePay HR3.


PrimePay HR3 Can Eliminate Administrative Tasks
Streamlining employee data and workflow processes relating to human resource, payroll and benefits has become an important trend for many companies.  The goal is to have HR and payroll speak to each other to avoid manual data entry into different systems.  With PrimePay HR3 that goal is accomplished while saving companies time, money and valuable resources. 


Streamline Your HR Processes and You Can Expect These Results 

  • Reduced administrative costs with significant savings per employee per month
  • More accurate enrollments, premiums and claims processing
  • Redundancy eliminated…changes made to HR and benefits data feed into payroll
  • Rapid enrollment with carriers and activation of benefit deductions in payroll
  • Straightforward carrier invoice reconciliations
  • Enhanced 24/7 communication to employees
  • Less repetitive benefit questions from employees
  • More time to focus on important strategic tasks

For more information on PrimePay HR3, please call 866-754-9476 or email [email protected] or visit and register with PrimePay, You can also pass this offer along to your Aetna clients with 1-300 employees.
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