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Anthem ID Card Stickers to Promote Member Web Signup

May 30, 2012

Members who understand their health benefits are typically more satisfied with their plans and less likely to have questions or complaints.  To help members manage their health care in a simple and convenient way, Anthem built easy-to-use web tools on

Starting in July, Anthem will begin placing removable stickers on member ID cards when they are issued. These stickers will encourage members to sign up online so they can benefit from these useful tools and get the most out of their plan.

Once members sign up, they can:

When members sign up, they are asked to give their member ID number, first name, last name, date of birth and a security code where needed. This will help them get details specific to their plan. If they have already signed up, the system will prompt them to log in and update their profile, including how they would like to receive communications from Anthem.

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