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Anthem Offers Options to Reduce OOP Lab Work Costs

Mar 10, 2011

Anthem offers members options to really reduce out-of-pocket cost for lab work 


Anthem's Lab Redirection awareness program aims to educate doctors, employers and employees about the advantages of using participating independent laboratories.  

Most people know to choose a doctor in their plan's network, but they may not know they have the option of using a participating laboratory for their lab work. If members use a participating lab whenever they have a blood test, urine test, Pap test or biopsy, their out-of-pocket costs can be significantly less. 

While hospital-based labs can also collect and test patient samples, in many cases, hospital-based labs charge more than independent labs for the same services.

That's why Anthem has partnered with these independent labs to help your clients and their employees lower their out-of-pocket costs.

Quest Diagnostics® (also called Quest)

Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings
 (also called LabCorp®)

These independent labs provide these and other lab services at significant savings to our members:

Anthem is already working with Quest and LabCorp to create a provider outreach campaign targeting doctors who frequently refer their patients to higher-cost labs. We are also reaching out to members by providing information about participating laboratories, so they can easily find locations near where they live and work. 

You can help communicate this valuable program to your clients by clicking here.

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